Cross-Country Road Trip Prep From a DC Auto Repair Company

“The nation’s capital is at the heart of a road network that extends to all points of the compass; various jobs inside the Beltway may require long hours on the road and you are okay with driving all the way. When the rigors of your job demand a long interstate trip to, say, Florida, or somewhere in the Midwest, you must have your vehicle undergo full preparations at a DC auto repair station such as Capitol Hill Exxon.

As your vehicle will be your best friend on the road, ensuring that it is at full roadworthiness is all but second nature. Have the engine undergo a major tune-up; this will involve a total replacement of vital fluids such as the engine coolant, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, and the oil, which will also require a new filter. Buy extra oil and coolant for added insurance, and check the fan belts if they have cracks.”


Let a Washington, DC Auto Mechanic Take Care of Your Brake Problems

For the second time since 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) is investigating certain Mazda vehicles with brake problems. Once again, though, it is the Mazda CX-9 that is put under the microscope, after the 2008 CX-9 was found to have defects in its brake master cylinder.

It may take a few months before the NHSTA concludes its investigations, but this news should be taken as a reminder of how important and fragile a vehicle’s brake system can be. If there is anything amiss with their brake systems, vehicle owners are advised to seek out the assistance of reputable auto repair centers for prompt and thorough vehicle inspections.

More importantly, vehicle owners should see to it that the people inspecting their vehicles have the appropriate qualifications for the job. Specifically, it would be wise to choose an auto mechanic from Washington, DC who is an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Master Technician.

Missed GM’s Recall Order? Head to a DC Auto Repair Center to be Safe

Fans of General Motors may need to double check their cars before they hit the road, as GM recently issued two recall orders on some of their vehicles due to problematic ignition switches. GM’s supplier of auto parts, Delphi Automotive, is tasked to provide the replacement switches, although it is unknown if they will also compensate owners. According to the Wall Street Journal, the switch problem seems to be isolated in GM’s older vehicle models.

While this issue may seem like a problem only for GM customers, every vehicle owner should also take this as an opportunity to visit a reputable DC auto repair center like Capitol Hill Exxon for an inspection. After all, ignition problems are always a serious matter as they can lead to traffic accidents or worse.

Quality Car Repair in DC: Resolve to be More Car Care Aware this 2014

“Although the New Year’s celebrations may be over, you can still form a resolution if you are up for a challenge. This 2014, why not resolve to be more car care aware and get your vehicle that long-overdue car repair in DC?

That awareness call comes from the Car Care Council, a nonprofit organization funded and directed by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. Last December, the Council made the call as something that car owners ought to do this year. As stated on their online post.”

DC Auto Care: 6 Ways Your Nose Can Indicate if Your Car Needs Help

The Car Care Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about vehicle maintenance, shares tips such as having cars inspected or keeping an eye on a vehicle’s fluid levels. Often, your eyes can tell you if your car needs help in some way. In some cases, though, your nose can tell you if your car needs proper DC auto care right away.

You can smell burning carpets

If your carpet smells like it’s burning, this means your brakes are in trouble. The brake pads, in particular, might be overheating due to friction. Brake problems are a safety hazard, so have the brakes or their pads checked right away.

Surviving Winter: Car Tips From an Auto Mechanic in Washington, DC

Clients from the DC area can count on an experienced DC mechanic from a trusted auto repair shop like Capitol Hill Exxon to help their vehicles withstand the frigid weather. The first order of business is to test the coolant and the batteries. The chilly weather can drain batteries, after all, and reduce their power. Meanwhile, an expert mechanic can also share important tips—such as allowing the engine to run for several minutes after starting so that the engine fluid has sufficient time to warm up.

Tire inspection is another essential winter motoring procedure. Tires can be unsafe if they’re badly worn, so it’s important for motorists to check tread depth carefully through a simple coin groove test. Using a quarter, if the top of George Washington’s head is visible from within the tire groove, then that means a tire replacement is in order. Meanwhile, motorists should also examine tire pressure and maintain it at the recommended levels.

Count on Washington, DC Auto Repair Experts for Your Vehicle’s Upkeep

A maintenance schedule can help automobile owners save money and make smart decisions regarding their vehicles. Some drivers may opt to perform basic maintenance tasks by themselves, while others understand that it may be more economical in the long run to tap the expertise of Washington, DC auto repair professionals such as Capitol Hill Exxon.

It also pays to be a vigilant driver and to always take note of impending signs of vehicle trouble. Take the check engine light, for instance, which could indicate an emissions or sensor problem every time it appears or lingers on while driving. It is best to consult an auto technician for proper analysis of this warning signal and also in case the light is busted.