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Reliable DC Car Repair Services Help with Preventative Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep the sometimes high cost of auto repair from becoming a financial burden is to nip possible problems in the bud. Many established DC car repair service providers like Capitol Hill Exxon offer preventative maintenance services to ensure that an automobile remains in good working condition. By budgeting in good ongoing care, car owners can pretty much eliminate the worry and expense about emergencies and the higher cost of unplanned repairs.


Trusted DC Auto Care Facilities Help Ensure that Cars are in Top Shape

People use their cars almost every day.This fact not only leads to a vehicle’s depreciation but certain mechanical issues as well. Fortunately, car owners can count on preventive maintenance services of excellent DC auto care facilities like Capitol Hill Exxon to keep their vehicles from breaking down at the most inconvenient of times and places.

Turn Down Trouble: Finding a Dependable Auto Mechanic in Washington DC

Ask any reputable auto mechanic in Washington DC on whether shady car repairmen still exist, and the answer is probably a resounding “yes.” Sad to say, there are still dishonest people looking to take advantage of unsuspecting car owners with unauthorized repairs and unreasonably priced bills. Huffington Post writer Jason Alderman shares a thing or two about auto repair scams in this excerpt from his article.

Insurance Can Pay for Pothole Auto Repair in Washington DC

The rims, tires, and axle assembly are considered the worst-hit areas. Pothole damage is evident if rim dents, and bulges or blisters in the tire’s sidewalls are present. Regular pothole hits also misalign the axle assembly, resulting in uneven tire wear. All in all, these damages link to the vehicle’s overall safety, which is an absolute priority.

Drivers with collision coverage can rest easy when they send their vehicles for professional auto repair in Washington DC due to pothole damage. As long as a claim is higher than the deductible, most insurance providers will cover the repair expenses.

Running over Potholes Can Lead to a Quick DC Car Repair Shop Visit

“Shaking Like a Boat

The suspension of your vehicle is supposed to function as a shock absorber as you drive over speed humps and other bumpy terrain. However, if your car rocks back and forth like a boat navigating turbulent water as you descend from a speed hump, you may have a problem with the suspension system.

These are only a few signs that potholes have caused damage to your car. If you notice these signs, immediately bring your car to an experienced DC car repair service like Capitol Hill Exxon to have any necessary repairs done.”

Get Your Car Ready for Spring with Help from a DC Auto Care Service

“If you placed oil with a thinner weight in your vehicle to cope with the cooler temperatures, it’s time to get an oil change in DC done. Motor oil with a thinner weight is not formulated for warm weather driving. Keeping your oil thin can cause your car to perform poorly.

Do not rush your inspection as it can cause you to miss warning signs. If you do find any, have your car repaired at a trusted DC auto care shop like Capitol Hill Exxon. After all, with wonderful weather ahead of us, it would be a shame to spend it sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.”

Fixing Transmission Problems with an Auto Mechanic in Washington DC

“People who are familiar with the manual transmission know the “case of the dragging clutch” too well. However, your mechanic may be able to solve the problem by tightening back the clutch pedal link to help the clutch disk disengage from the flywheel.

Parker and Neiger warn that a major situation may be brewing with the transmission if the check engine light suddenly goes on. Although diagnostic kits may be available, a skilled DC mechanic can give it a better look and guide you on what must be done, even if the problems besetting the transmission affect the engine as well.”