Cross-Country Road Trip Prep From a DC Auto Repair Company

“The nation’s capital is at the heart of a road network that extends to all points of the compass; various jobs inside the Beltway may require long hours on the road and you are okay with driving all the way. When the rigors of your job demand a long interstate trip to, say, Florida, or somewhere in the Midwest, you must have your vehicle undergo full preparations at a DC auto repair station such as Capitol Hill Exxon.

As your vehicle will be your best friend on the road, ensuring that it is at full roadworthiness is all but second nature. Have the engine undergo a major tune-up; this will involve a total replacement of vital fluids such as the engine coolant, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, and the oil, which will also require a new filter. Buy extra oil and coolant for added insurance, and check the fan belts if they have cracks.”


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