Surviving Winter: Car Tips From an Auto Mechanic in Washington, DC

Clients from the DC area can count on an experienced DC mechanic from a trusted auto repair shop like Capitol Hill Exxon to help their vehicles withstand the frigid weather. The first order of business is to test the coolant and the batteries. The chilly weather can drain batteries, after all, and reduce their power. Meanwhile, an expert mechanic can also share important tips—such as allowing the engine to run for several minutes after starting so that the engine fluid has sufficient time to warm up.

Tire inspection is another essential winter motoring procedure. Tires can be unsafe if they’re badly worn, so it’s important for motorists to check tread depth carefully through a simple coin groove test. Using a quarter, if the top of George Washington’s head is visible from within the tire groove, then that means a tire replacement is in order. Meanwhile, motorists should also examine tire pressure and maintain it at the recommended levels.


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