New Legislation that Might Help a DC Auto Repair Shop Serve You Better

An oil change is needed so that pollutants, excess dirt, and sludge won’t accumulate in the engine’s internal components. Otherwise, these waste products will mix with the oil and cause small scratches and abrasions in the engine’s body as they circulate; causing more extensive damage in the long run. To be safe, DC drivers are encouraged to have an oil change performed by a reliable Washington DC auto repair center every time their vehicles reach mileages of 3,000 to 5,000.

Different vehicles require different types of motor oil, such as mineral, synthetic, or blended oil. A car model’s performance may drastically vary according to the type of motor oil used. It is always best to follow the specifications given on the car’s manual, and the new guidelines proposed by the NIST and NCWM can help assure car owners that their vehicles are getting the right motor oil.


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